Wildman Family Insurance is proud to offer Medicare and insurance options to customers across the U.S.  






We will stay up to date on the newest developments in the industry so we can provide you with the very best options.

We will listen to your needs and desires for coverage so together we can find a plan
that perfectly suits you.

We will work for you, our clients, not the insurance
companies. It's in our best interest to do what's in your best interest.

We will stay in touch and be available if you have any changes, questions, or concerns.

Our Promise to You:

We're committed to providing you with the highest quality service and utmost attention to detail.

The Wildman 
Family Difference

At Wildman Family Insurance you're not just a number... we want you to feel like family. Being a small family owned business ourselves, we are able to dedicate more time and care to each of our customers. Since we contract with most insurance carriers, you will have a large selection of plan options to choose from while still enjoying that personal touch. 


"We highly recommend Kris Wildman! He is knowledgeable, professional, and courteous! Very good at explaining the differences in plans, and goes the extra mile to make sure everything goes smoothly. Kris is a person of excellent character, which is reflected in the way he conducts himself and his business. Simply the best!"

- Jeannie Glasgow Siverd

"Kris came out and helped me through the difficult process of signing me up for healthcare yesterday. I was dreading it, however, he made it a smooth and pleasant experience and gave me a ton of great info. I can't thank him enough for all his help!! I would highly recommend calling him. Thank you, Kris!"

- Patti Paterson Vernucci

"I was approved for disability this April 2019. And I didn't know how disability Insurance worked. I asked Kris Wildman for help. He was very knowledgeable about the insurance. He found the best policy for what I needed. Highly recommend Kris Wildman."

- Donna White

"Kris is the consummate professional - Knowledgeable, and very good at explaining the pros and cons of the many available plans. So good to work with a strong Christian man! We HIGHLY recommend Kris."

- Tim Billheimer

"They were great in helping me find the best medicare plan for me last year. Now I will be calling again to review what I have, and also have them go over my Mother in Laws."

- Kit Lamantia Nix


We contract with the majority of the major insurance carriers so that we can take an impartial approach to evaluating your many options. We have been fortunate to be trusted by many people of different ages, incomes, and levels of health to assist with their insurance needs across multiple states. We understand that everyone’s insurance needs are individualized to their specific situation.

What We Do

We are experienced in dealing with everything from the most common “turning 65” enrollments, to the special circumstances that come with helping those who are on disability, Medicaid, who have Veteran’s Benefits, or are leaving employer coverage later in life. Our goal is to provide you with such an elevated experience that not only will you allow us to continue to serve you, but that you will recommend and trust us to care for your family and friends as well. 

How We Can Help

We are independent insurance brokers who focus on helping clients with their Medicare and retirement needs. 

We continually educate ourselves on the changing insurance market so we can stay up-to-date and provide you with the best service.