If you would like to schedule a consultation with us to go over your options, it comes without obligation to enroll with us now or in the future. If this is your first appointment to evaluate your Medicare plan options, we have put together a list below that you may reference as far as what to bring to your appointment. 


We are happy to offer no-cost consultations so we can go over your specific needs and see if we'd be a good fit.






Current Prescriptions

Frequented Doctors

Medicare Card

Current Coverage Info

We will use your prescriptions to help narrow down your plan options and to point us in the right direction. The bottles or a list that includes the dosage and frequency will be helpful.

Some plans have networks, and checking to see if they accept a plan you’re considering is important in determining the right fit.

If you’ve misplaced your card we will still need your Medicare ID as well as your Part A and Part B effective dates.

If you have the option to stay on an employer coverage, it will help to know its benefits to determine if you should go onto Medicare now or stay on the employer coverage.